Infinity Group International is a Logistics Service Provider in with presence in Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic. We are a member of the "Cameroon Cartage Family of Companies".

We have provided premium services to our customers over the years and We feel we have brought a total solution.

We are established under Cameroon policy of company registration and allied matters.

We manage outbound logistics for several companies and operates beyond the Cameroonian territory, it is found in Chad and other Central African Countries for several years with seasoned team of Logistics experts.

Our networks has strategic partnerships with asset providers across the nations to support our customer’s needs from start to finish and provides the most competitive rates for logistic services.

We are an official distributor of Dangote Cement products in Cameroon. We transport and distribute Dangote Cement products in large tons to Chad and other Central African Regions frequently.

Our Core Team

Our team is comprised of members with many years of experience in logistics services, import & export, consulting, corporate and project Mangement.

Barcai Adel-Karim

Co-Founder & Director General

Abdallah Fadoul Dourmis

Director of Operations

Olivier Nzouck

Head of Transit

Salamatou Ngopchemoundi


Damenkong Etienne

Senior Financial Consultant

Odile Tientcheu


Brigitte Bodo


Oluwasoji Ojo

Web Developer